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Apostles Roger & Jamessica Joyner

TMB Ministry

San Antonio, TX


Apostle Lyle & Prophetess Darlene Taylor

Healing Waters Deliverance Ministry

Jacksonville, NC


Apostle Dr. Randy Sr. & Lady Stacey Bell

Zoe Life Ministries

Marietta, GA

The Apostolic Council

The Company of Apostles help to train and implement an apostolic dimension that will transform lives to receive signs, miracles and wonders.  In addition, have the ability to overcome demonic opposition and obstacles through the apostolic grace given by the Lord, Jesus Christ, to His people.

Without Limits Ministries council brings wisdom, clarity and insight to the believers and impart revelation concerning their gifts to function in an apostolic ministry.

"It takes great leadership to resurrect your purpose"

- Chief Apostle Dr. Fredrick J. Harris

"We are Ambassadors for Christ"

- Prophet Denzel Martin (Company of Prophets WLMI)


Chief Apostle Dr. Ron & Pastor Dr. Laverne Spears

Faith & Power Christian Center

Dunn, NC


Apostle Dr. Temaki & Mr. Robert Carr

Loving The Nations International Ministry

Atlanta, GA

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