Dear ABBA,

Who Am I?  I mean, I know my name. I walk like this, I look like that, and I speak like this. I know I want to be good, but what does that mean?  People say things about me, some good and some bad, but does that mean that’s who I am. Does that define me? It can’t be because sometimes I feel so uncomfortable in my skin when I try to conform to who others say I am.  So I take that image off, and try on another, but I don’t want that either. If you already know the thoughts you have towards me and you have formed me and planted me here, then why should I have to put on any image? I shouldn’t because you know who I am. I want to be me, I want to be who you say I am. At times, this makes me feel lonely in a place where I don’t look like anyone around me. I don’t look like this or I don’t look like that, then I hear “your different”. Is that good or is that bad? What does it mean?  ABBA, tell me who I am? 

Do you have a Dear Abba; do you have a response? 

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Evangelist Nakeida Prescod

Without Limits Ministries, International

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